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Fondel Metals to market Indoferro Nickel Pig Iron

Posted Monday, December 10th 2012

Fondel Metals to market Indoferro Nickel Pig Iron

Dutch based Fondel Metals has the pleasure to announce that it will be the sole agents responsible for marketing Indoferro Nickel Pig Iron products into the European, Brazilian, South African and American markets, with product entering the market this quarter.

Fondel Metals has signed a multi-year marketing and distribution agreement with Indoferro to exclusively promote Indoferro brand Nickel Pig Iron produced in Indonesia.

The addition of nickel pig iron to Fondel’s portfolio of products will enable to continue to grow the Nickel and Ferro Alloy product business while extending the range of products Fondel can offer to customers in order for them to attain their goals and objectives.

The Indoferro smelter, the first of its kind outside China, aims to produce more than 250,000 tonnes of nickel pig iron (NPI) in 2013.

Nickel Pig Iron, which typically has low nickel content but is high in iron, is a feedstock for stainless steel mills in China.

Indoferro adopted the technology from China.

The nickel pig iron produced at the Indoferro plant, in the coastal city of Cilegon in the west of Java island, has a nickel content of around 2.4 percent. Indoferro aims to increase the nickel content to 4 percent in 2013. It also plans to increase NPI production to 500,000 tonnes by building a second blast furnace in 2014 at the plant.";i:6;s:669:"Friday December 28th 2012

PT. Indoferro, the first Nickel Pig Iron producer outside China has commenced deliveries of IFN25 Nickel Pig Iron to Walsin Lihwa Corporation of Taiwan and initial delivery to two factories owned by Jindal Stainless Steel of India.

Trial deliveries of nickel pig iron are also on the way to Japan and Europe

Commissioning of the coking ovens is currently underway although tropical storms have slowed the process of bringing the operating temperatures to the required level for continuous self ignition.

Production of higher grades of Nickel Pig Iron is now expected to start towards the end of January 2013

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