Chang Ding Metal Co. Ltd.

Chang Ding Metal Company Limited is our agent covering Taiwan

Chang-Ding Metal Co., Ltd. formally started their business in 2006, May 1. Chang-Ding is a very new company but they have been dealing with stainless scrap for more than 20 years. They believe that in order to maintain the best of relationships with their customers, the most important thing is mutual assistance and trust in each other. Even when there are great fluctuations in the market prices, they try to stand firm and give stable pricing. This is why they like to give thanks, especially to the customers in the whole of Taiwan.

Chang Ding Metal deal with various grades of stainless steel scrap and Indoferro Nickel Pig Iron

You may contact Chang Ding Metal by filling out a quotation request on this web site or from our Contact Us page and we will forward your quotation to Chang Ding Metal who will ensure a trouble free delivery.

or you may contact them directly at;

Address:No. 7-11, Sinji Village,
Anding Township,
Tainan County,
email: stainless@cdmetaltw.com

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