Europe, South Africa

Fondel Metals

Fondel Metals is our agent covering South Africa, and Europe.

Fondel Metals distributes primary metals to the steel industries of the world. By creating customer-specific supply packages, they support the total supply chain management of their customers, including:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Local stock to ensure short delivery times
  • Solutions for working capital issues
  • Stable diversified supply sources
  • Transport, documentation and customs expertise

With their broad supply base, Fondel Metals can assure a stable and secure flow of raw materials to their customers. This proves a major benefit to just-in-time steel productions when it comes to unexpected events in transportation, labour or other circumstances which cause logistic delays.

By providing steel industries worldwide with the right metals on a timely basis, so that they can produce the steel to sustain a growing global population, Fondel Metals is a key link in the international chain of progress.

You may contact Fondel Metals by filling out a quotation request on this web site or from our Contact Us page and we will forward your quotation to Fondel Metals who will ensure a trouble free delivery.

or you may contact them directly at;

Edwin Koens
Phone: +31 10 266 2555
Fondel Metals B.V.
Boezembocht 23
3034 KA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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