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Hanwa Co., LTD.

Hanwa Co., Ltd. specializes in the trading business of industrial materials all over the world. It operates in Steel, Metals & Alloys, Non-Ferrous Metals & Scraps, Foods, Petroleum & Alternative Energy Resources, Lumber and other industrial material. The company was founded in 1947 headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and expanded the global networks to Asian, South and North America, Europe, India, Middle East, Africa and others.

Since our inception, we have based operations on the mission of serving our customers as “distribution specialist”. We will keep utilizing our specialized knowledge and skills as well as an extensive service network, we have acquired in order to satisfy customers’ needs with the best solutions.

In Metals & Alloys and Non-Ferrous Metals & Scraps section, we are involves in the below markets.

  • Nickel Metals and Chemicals(Salts)
  • Rare Metals and Scraps
  • Ni Alloys(FeNi and NPI)
  • Stainless Steel Scraps
  • Ferro Alloys(FeCr, FeSi, SiMn and others)
  • Mineral Ore(Ni, Cr and others)
  • Non Ferrous Metals and Scraps
  • Others

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Hanwa Singapore Pte Ltd (On behalf of Hanwa Co., Ltd)
Metals & Mineral Resources Department
Matsuo Makoto (Mr)

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