PT. Indoferro, a member of Growth Steel Group based in Indonesia, has successfully commissioned its Blast Furnace in Aug 2012, and is currently producing Nickel Pig Iron to serve stainless steel producer in Asia & Europe market. This is the first smelter in Indonesia since the government implement the new mining regulation in 2012 that processes mineral ores into value added product. Indoferro fulfills that aim by producing nickel pig iron from Indonesian laterite nickel-iron ore reserves.

PT. Indoferro's factory is located at Cilegon in the Banten Province on the island of Java in Indonesia.

The production facilities use the latest technology with regards to produce nickel pig iron with the least impact on the environment.

High energy-efficient stamp-coke ovens produce blast furnace coke to be used in the reduction process of the nickel ferro ore.

The nickel iron ore fines are blended and calcined in the sinter plant to remove moisture and provide pellets as feedstock for the blast furnace.

Sinter pellets, lump nickel iron ore, coke and fluxes are then loaded into the hot air blast furnace where ferro-nickel oxides are reduced into nickel pig iron.

While stage one is now in production we are still installing additional equipment to further refine the nickel pig iron to produce higher quality nickel pig iron with reduced carbon, sulfur and phosphorus.

Stage two of the project is to install a second hot air blast furnace taking the production capability to 500,000 - 600,000 tones of nickel pig iron product.

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